The Prepared Montessori Environment

Natural tendencies to work and learn

Prepared to nurture your child

Our AMI Montessori trained educators carefully prepare an orderly, attractive and well-structured environment which caters to children’s natural tendency for self-development and learning. With guidance, children explore a range of Montessori materials and activities with interest and enthusiasm as they develop practical knowledge, cognitive abilities and social relationships.

Indoor and Outdoor

The Montessori indoor and outdoor prepared environments are designed to promote children’s:

  • purposeful engagement in purposeful, fun activities
  • self-directed discovery and learning
  • choice making, independence, self-discipline
  • social relationships including cooperation, collaboration and respect

Our beautiful garden is designed with attractive yet practical natural spaces which awaken a sense of wonder and awe among young children. Children play collaboratively with peers in the garden spaces including the sandpit, digging patch, dirt kitchen, block play area etc.

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