About Kalker Montessori

Kalker Montessori Centre

The Kalker Montessori Centre was established in 1977. Our name acknowledges the work of Mrs Jean Kalker who was instrumental in promoting Montessori education in Victoria in the 1970’s.

We cater for children aged between 2 years to 6 years of age.

Our Centre is not-for-profit and is run by a Committee of Management elected from its parent membership. Day to day operational management is undertaken by the Principal and Business and Manager on behalf of the Committee.

We use the Montessori philosophy and principles to provide a high-quality educational program.


Our Approach

Kalker Montessori Preschool uses Montessori philosophy and principles to provide a high quality educational program.

Our harmonious, stimulating and attractive indoor and outdoor environments allow each child the freedom to develop and learn at their own pace, in accordance with their needs and interests.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with a complete set of age appropriate Montessori materials which are presented by the Montessori trained Educators in the way intended by Dr Maria Montessori, allowing the child to learn the embedded concepts. Our beautiful garden spaces allow children to connect with nature, play and enjoy sensory experiences.

Our Educators understand the importance of the child’s early years as being the foundation for the child’s future. They build nurturing and caring relationships with children in their groups, to ensure the overall wellbeing of each child.

We recognise children as successful, competent and confident learners.
We foster independence, concentration, self-discipline, confidence, problem solving, creative thinking, communication skills and social development. These are the skills most needed for the child to develop into a socially, emotionally and intellectually independent and mature adult willing to contribute to their society.


Our mission is to develop the ‘whole child’ through high quality Montessori education programs.