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About Kalker Montessori

The Kalker Montessori Centre was established in 1977. Our name acknowledges the work of Mrs Jean Kalker who was instrumental in promoting Montessori education in Victoria in the 1970’s.

We cater for children aged between 2 years to 6 years of age.

Our Centre is not-for-profit and is run by a Committee of Management elected from its parent membership. Day to day operational management is undertaken by the Principal and Business and Manager on behalf of the Committee.

We use the Montessori philosophy and principles to provide a high-quality educational program.

The Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori founded an educational system known as the Montessori Method, which is a child-centred approach to learning and development. The Method is based on Dr. Montessori’s observations of children’s behaviour and learning tendencies, and it emphasises creating an environment that fosters independence, creativity, and a love of learning. The Method values each child’s uniqueness and emphasises practical life skills alongside academic learning. 


Dr Maria Montessori​

In 1907, Dr Montessori opened her first Casa dei Bambini where she further developed her educational method as she worked with children from the slums of Rome. At first unruly and uncooperative, the children gradually became socially and intellectually independent through their own activity, interest and effort. The Casa dei Bambini became famous around the world. Observers marveled at the concentration, confidence, self-discipline and social skills that these children exhibited, as well as their numeracy and literacy skills. Much of the equipment that is used in the Montessori classrooms today was being used by these children so many years ago.