Education is a natural process carried out
by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.
Dr Maria Montessori
The goal of early childhood education should be
to activate the child's own desire to learn.
Dr Maria Montessori
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The Center for High Quality Montessori Education

The Centre for High Quality Montessori Education

We use the Montessori Method to provide a learning environment of the highest quality. All programs are led by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) qualified Montessori Directors. This training was established by Dr Maria Montessori to ensure her work continued. Our purposefully prepared Montessori environments are designed to encourage social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Established in 1977, our name acknowledges the work of Mrs Jean Kalker who was passionate about the Montessori Method and worked tirelessly to promote Montessori education in Victoria.

Our Montessori Educational Programs

We recognise that a child's early years are critical for their development and form the basis for their future success. We understand that every child is unique, has their own interests and learns at their own pace. Our quality early childhood experiences are designed to support each child and make positive contributions to their learning.


Our Early Learners’ Program provides a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment, which allows each child to develop relationships with their peers and educators, while experiencing new activities and routines.

Age: 2-3 years


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Early Learners’ Program


The Montessori Preschool Program is a mixed age setting, with children 3 to 5 years of age attending the program. We offer two types of Sessional Preschool Programs: a Full Program and an Afternoon Program.

Age:3-5 years


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Preschool Programs


Kalker Montessori Centre offers a ‘Care Program’ for children enrolled in Preschool Full Program.  The Care Program follows the same Montessori ethos and principles as the preschool programs and is staffed by the Centre’s educators. 

Age: 3-5 years


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Care Program

The Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori founded an educational system known as the Montessori Method, which is a child-centred approach to learning and development. The Method is based on Dr. Montessori’s observations of children’s behaviour and learning tendencies, and it emphasises creating an environment that fosters independence, creativity, and a love of learning.

The Method values each child’s uniqueness and emphasises practical life skills alongside academic learning.

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"The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. The more fully the needs of one period are met the greater will be the success of the next." - Dr Maria Montessori

Why Kalker Montessori Preschool?

  1. Leading Montessori Provider

    We have been a leading provider of high-quality Montessori education since 1977.

  2. Rated Exceeding

    Rated “Exceeding" in all 7 National Quality Standards by the Department of Education under the National Quality Framework.

  3. Registered Centre

    Fully Registered status with the Montessori Australia: Authentic Practice program.

  4. AMI Diploma Qualified Educators

    AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) teacher training was established by Dr Montessori to ensure continuation of her work.

  5. Beautifully Landscaped Gardens

    Attractive, natural garden spaces for children to explore and enjoy.

  6. Not for Profit

    Governed by volunteer Parent Committee of Management with onsite Principal and Business Manager.


Stimulating, challenging and full of learning

Our Montessori curriculum

We recognise that a child's early years are critical for their development and form a basis for their future success. Our AMI Montessori trained educators carefully prepare an orderly, attractive and well-structured indoor and outdoor environment with Montessori materials and activities. The 'Prepared Environment' promotes children's purposeful engagement in self-directed discovery and learning, choice making, independence, self-discipline and social relationships. The main curriculum areas are listed below, click on the tiles to read more.

Practical Life





Social Learning