Science, Geography & History

Science, Geography & History

There are many activities in the Montessori program which help children discover the physical and biological world. Dr Montessori believed that children’s interest in exploring and observing their natural and social world is at its peak at this age.

Our environments have many age appropriate and stimulating resources that allow the children to learn about the world and the people within it. Hands on materials such as the globes, continent puzzle maps and land and water forms give the children an initial understanding of the physical world. Other materials and multicultural experiences allow the children to explore and appreciate the people, places and cultures of Australia and the world.

Science projects expose children to interesting aspects of the biological and physical world. The children have the opportunity for hands on experiences such as growing and harvesting vegetables, cooking, composting, caring for animals, observing life cycles of animals and plants, learning about the solar system and undertaking simple experiments.

The children’s interests guide aspects of history within the program. Topics are introduced either on an individual or group basis with the information presented at the level of the children’s understanding. Resources and experiences that link the children to the past allow them to extend their learning and understanding of how our present is influenced by history.