The Montessori Program Director

The Role of the Montessori Program Director

AMI trained and highly experienced Montessori Program Directors prepare stimulating learning environments for children at Kalker Montessori Preschool.

Their main role is to link each child with the activities in the prepared environment. They do this by observing the child, to understand their interests and capacity, and then presenting appropriate materials to suit the child’s developmental stage. The Program Director acts as a guide to the child. Having presented the material she leaves the child to work with it, knowing through her rigorous training, when and how much to intervene.

In addition, our Program Directors recognise the pivotal role that a child’s family plays in the child’s life. They regularly consult and communicate with families regarding their child’s learning and development.

Our Program Directors and supporting educators develop warm and caring relationships with each child in our community. 

Respect for and belief in childrens’ innate ability for self-development, is central to their work.