The Prepared Montessori Environment

The Prepared Montessori Environment

The Kalker Montessori Preschool learning environment is prepared to nurture your child’s natural tendencies to work, learn and become independent.

Our AMI trained Montessori Program Directors and educators prepare and present the classroom carefully so that your child can function independently under the guidance of our AMI trained educators. Our beautiful Montessori practical lifesensorial materialslanguage materials and mathematical materials are made accessible by their placement on low shelves. Each material has a specific place in the room allowing the child to freely access the material and know where to return it. This arrangement of the room creates order and structure, which helps your child to exercise independence.

Our program’s social environment comprises a multi-age peer group, where each child feels safe, secure and confident to follow their own interests and work at their own pace.

It is a vibrant community where children develop both as individuals and social beings. Real life experiences link each child in a meaningful way to their home, community and culture, helping them to develop a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world.