‘Practical Life’ Exercises

‘Practical Life’ Exercises

Practical Life activities provide children with real life experiences at Kalker Montessori Preschool.

In a Montessori environment, educators encourage children to experience and spend time with the Practical Life activities with the overall aim of developing life skills. These Activities are meaningful and have a real importance for the children. They are familiar with these tasks and naturally drawn to them as they have observed adults perform them regularly in their day to day life.

Skills learned in the Practical Life curriculum lay the foundation for the child’s involvement in other areas of the classroom. 

Body control, coordination, independence, concentration, self-regulation are some examples of skills developed in this area of learning. Children also develop respect and a sense of responsibility for others and their environment. They experience giving back to the community which helps in establishing a relationship with other members of the group. This leads to a growing sense of self confidence and self-worth.