Our Outdoor Environment

When designing the new garden our purpose was to create attractive yet practical natural spaces which not only awaken a sense of wonder and awe among young children but encourages them to engage in hands on and real work.

Watering plants, weeding, planting, harvesting, mulching, raking, looking after the worms, maintaining a greenhouse etc. are the nature of activities in which the children will be involved in throughout the year.

In order to develop children’s spatial awareness and sense of height, depth and length, we have allowed for surfaces to be positioned at different levels. Children will learn to take into consideration the visual differences in dimensions while moving around the play areas. They will develop the ability to take on challenges, to be independent, to try different activities and to be aware of risks.

The large digging patch has a timber bridge for children to move dirt from one area to another.

This will encourage energetic large muscle movement as children play with work tools such as real spades, rakes, trucks, wheel barrows etc. Adjoining the digging patch is the kitchen with adult like cooking tools such as real saucepans and ladles for socio-dramatic play opportunities.

Both gardens include a sandpit, which children always enjoy and soft-fall areas which will allow for the development of gross motor skills, through the use of moveable, adjustable climbing and balancing equipment.

The large covered decks are designed for multi-use. They allow the children to bring their indoor activities outside, provide enough space for each class to have small or whole group activities and can also be used for general play.