Our Montessori Curriculum

Our Montessori curriculum is stimulating, challenging and full of learning.

At Kalker Montessori Preschool, we recognise that the early years are critical for your child’s development and form a basis for their future success.

Our quality early childhood experiences provide for each child’s individual needs and interests and are designed to make positive contributions to their learning.

The Kalker Montessori Early Learners’ Programs and Preschool programs provide children with the opportunity to develop their everyday social skills and accomplishments, trains sensory perception and movement and provides a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy.

The Montessori materials are important tools for learning, as they enable children to develop their skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences.

The materials are sets of objects designed to convey abstract concepts in a concrete form, allowing children to learn through manipulation, exploration and problem solving. They are attractive, interesting and inviting.

Children are shown how to use the materials through presentations made by the Program Director. Once a material has been presented, the child is free to work with the activity and exercises aligned with that material. Repetition of the activity is encouraged, as this is how the child masters the skill or concept.

The essential elements of our Montessori environment are the community of children, the Prepared Montessori Classroom Environment, the AMI trained Montessori Program Director and their supporting AMI trained educators.